COVID-19 schools, emergency orders discussed by province

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JULY 09, 2020

Education Minister Stephen Lecce says the province would prefer to have all students back in class in the fall — but health officials must approve.

Lecce told school boards weeks ago to prepare for an array of options for September, including a return to regular class learning, online learning, or a combination of both.

He says school boards and the government must make plans to continue student learning in light of the unpredictable conditions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lecce says while cases of COVID-19 appear to be on the decline across Ontario, the province must be prepared to respond to any potential spike in the fall.

Meantime on Thursday, Ontario extended its emergency orders for the COVID-19 pandemic until July 22.

Premier Doug Ford says the extension will help protect vulnerable people and support front-line workers as the economy continues to reopen.
It comes as the provincial government tabled a motion Wednesday to extend the province’s state of emergency until July 24th, from July 15th.

The provincial government isn’t able to issue new emergency orders once the state of emergency ends, but it can extend existing orders.