PSW’s in Ontario eligible for hourly pay increases

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OCTOBER 01, 2020 – INQUINTE.CA STAFF: The Ontario government has stated it will give pay raises to personal support workers throughout the health-care system in a bid to recruit and retain them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Premier Doug Ford stated at his daily press briefing on Thursday about 147,000 workers in long-term care, hospitals, and community care are eligible for the increase.

Personal support workers in long-term care, childcare and community care will be eligible for a $3 an hour pay increase, while hospital PSWs will see a $2 an hour pay hike.

The money will be provided to 50,000 eligible PSW’s in long-term care, 38,000 eligible workers in home and community care and 34,000 in children, community and social services, along with 12,300 PSW’s in public hospitals.

The temporary increase will cost the government $461 million, begins Thursday, and will expire in March 2021.

Ford said he has not ruled out continuing the pay raise next year.

Advocates in the long-term care and home care sectors have said low pay has contributed to PSW shortages before and during the pandemic.