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Arabella Retirement Living is an independent retirement living residence with a contemporary, free-flowing architectural design, inspired by the beauty of water.

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Keeping it Local

The owners are Belleville natives, who have operated many local businesses in the area for the last 20 years, and know what makes this community a perfect place to retire. Locally owned businesses, such as Arabella, enjoy a tight-knit relationship with the community. This close connection to other local businesses means we deliver the most value possible for your dollar. The owner-operator presence in this business model permits us to care on a deeper and more efficient level. Our staff and residents are one family that share one goal. Resident Happiness!

When you invest in a locally-owned business, you invest in helping that economy and community thrive. You’re supporting our job market by helping create more local jobs. You’re helping the economy grow by supporting the small businesses and entrepreneurs that make Belleville so colourful. In turn, you experience better customer service from our local businesses that treat you like a person, not a number. More diverse products and services are now accessible, because of you. The value of the community increases exponentially and becomes a better place to live with the support of local patrons, like you. It pays to keep it local!

Locally-owned also means we can keep the monthly fee more affordable for you/your family member. The owners are frequently on site, with a personalized approach to managing. By spending more time at Arabella, they know the residents by name (and often have some great conversations with them!). However, this also means the owners can deal with any concerns or issues immediately, and more efficiently, meaning a better experience for everyone at Arabella. You don’t get that in a corporate residence!

A Little About Our History

Belleville (meaning “beautiful town” in French) is located in southeastern Ontario, Canada, situated on the Bay of Quinte in Hastings County.

The site was first visited by French explorer Samuel de Champlain in 1615. It was Originally the site of an Anishinaabe (Mississauga) village in the 18th century known as Asukhknosk. Later on, after 1776, it was settled by loyalists from the United States. At that point it was named Meyers’ Creek for John Meyers, an early gristmill operator. Elijah Wallbridge, a much-revered pioneer, moved from New York to Bennington, Vermont before immigrating to Canada in 1800, accompanied by his son William H. Shortly after, he bought two thousand acres of land in Ameliasburgh from a surveyor.

This land was divided up into five farms of about 300 acres each and his children comfortably settled there by the year 1812. A further lot of five hundred acres he reserved for common pasturage, customary in the American colonies. These farms were the first proper homes of the Wallbridges in Upper Canada. As such, the Wallbridge family of that time were much sought-after in the area. They were admired for their high mental calibre, and for their wealth, land and business ventures. Elijah Wallbridge was one of the principal citizens to petition the third lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, Francis Gore, to give a name of more prominent distinction to the growing village we now know as Belleville. In response to their petition, Governor Gore granted the area the name of Belleville, in honour of his wife, Lady Arabella Gore, in 1816.


(Source: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons )

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Less Retirement, More Living

Arabella Retirement Living is in downtown Belleville, overlooking the Bay of Quinte.

1 Bedroom Unit Virtual tour 431 – 525 sq.ft.

Studio + Den Unit Virtual tour 433 – 459 sq.ft.

2 Bedroom Unit Floor Plan 712 – 714 sq.ft.

1 Bedroom Unit Floor Plan 431 – 525 sq.ft.

Arabella Retirement Living - 1 Bedroom Unit Floor Plan

Studio + Den Unit Floor Plan 433 – 459 sq.ft.

Arabella Retirement Living - Studio Unit + Den Floor Plan

Studio Unit Virtual tour 259 – 313 sq.ft.

Studio Unit Floor Plan 259 – 313 sq.ft.

Arabella Retirement Living - Studio Unit Floor Plan

Less Retirement, More Living

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