Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a senior looking for a permanent home to retire in, or if you’re the family member of a loved one, we answer some of your most-asked questions.

Each resident is given an Emergency Pendant to wear that they can utilize in the event of any emergency, as well as pull cords in resident suites and common areas of the residence. We also have 24/7 Emergency Response and an on-call Physician.

The only additional costs are things outside of what your robust, all-inclusive package covers. Cable/WIFI/landline telephone, trips to the salon, dining out on an excursion, etc.

Absolutely! At Arabella, we want your suite to feel familiar and calming. Please bring your personal belongings, pictures, furniture; anything that makes your new suite feel like home.

Nope! Travel excursions on the shuttle are included in your monthly fee – there is no extra fee to attend these trips.

Yes – let us know what you need. We can accommodate diabetic, low sodium, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, and vegetarian meals. Please contact us to ensure your dietary needs are looked after.

Yes! Maintenance employees are available for odd repairs jobs and other similar tasks. There is no cost for routine suite maintenance or repairs.

Your comfort is key. Each suite is equipped with its own heating and cooling system because we know not everyone operates at the same temperature. You can set your own thermostat to your comfort level.

Yes. While most residents enjoy the activities we organize and feel energized from them, we understand that something may just not be “for you” or you may not be feeling like participating that day. Your participation is welcome and it’s always great to try new things, but as always, we respect your independence.

Guests in the dining room are always welcome. We can cater your party for larger crowds as well. Overnight visitors are welcome to stay in our Guest Suite ( for a small fee), or we can pull a cot into your suite at no extra charge.

’tis the season! Of course. We encourage residents to take part in Holiday Fun and get into the spirit! Your suite is yours to make home, whatever that means to you.

Great question! If managing your household chores is becoming a challenge, and you are finding it difficult to keep socially active, then it may be time to consider a retirement residence. Many seniors choose to move into a retirement residence because they are looking for a sense of community and security. It can be very lonely living on your own. There is routine in a retirement community that will help keep you or your loved one on track with meals, physical activity, social inclusion, and taking medications regularly.

We are an independent retirement living community. This means we offer a basic level of care: meals, activities and fitness, excursions, social events, and more! Our residence is targeted towards seniors that are looking to break away from the upkeep and costs of managing a home. We do have 24/7 health care staff and an on-call physician if you need assistance.

Your all-inclusive package starts at $2495. This covers your private suite with a balcony (the stunning views are no extra charge!), your meals, weekly housekeeping, 24-hour access to health care plus an emergency pendant, in-suite kitchenette, participation in the endless activities and amenities that we offer, and so much more. Please reach out to us for more information.

Your package includes 3 meals a day plus snacks prepared by our Executive Chef and her team. We use as many fresh and local ingredients as possible. Each suite has a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator that Arabella provides.

We offer a large variety of activities and events to make your schedule as full and fun as you want it to be! Our residents go on excursions to local attractions and take part in group activities regularly. We offer: movies, games, crafts, information sessions, regular fitness classes, a salt water pool, walkways and gardens, and easy access to the pristine parks and trails in the city.