Making the jump to Retirement Living - Is it the right time?

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Retirement Living and Making the Jump (during Covid-19)

You or a loved one may be getting to the age where you are considering Retirement Living. Congratulations! You have reached yet another beautiful landmark in your life which should be celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest. If you’re exploring your options for Retirement Living there are two questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Am I ready?

2. What do I want out of my retirement residence?

There are things to consider before making the leap, and during these uncertain Covid times, you likely have many questions about health, safety, and care. We are always here to answer them and be completely transparent about our facility, and what we can offer to make your retirement better than you could imagine.

Many residents choose to move into a retirement home because they want a sense of community and security. It can be lonely living on your own, and at times, even unsafe. There is structure in a retirement community which will help keep you or your loved one on track with meals, physical activity, social inclusion and taking your medication regularly.

The Benefits of a Retirement Home

A retirement home/independent retirement residence offers varying benefits that you would not have while living alone. Inclusion is a huge factor in the wellbeing and the overall mental heath of seniors. At a residence like ours, you would be socializing regularly, and have emotional and physical support, when needed, with our 24/7 Emergency Response and On-Site Physician. For an inclusive fee, many of your living and maintenance costs are covered, which makes it so easy to simply enjoy your well-earned retirement. You can use our  Cost Comparison Sheet to help with your budgeting and see the value in living at our residence.

Is it safe to move to a retirement home during the Covid-19 Pandemic?
You are in great hands with us, because your safety is our top priority. We are a completely safe independent retirement living residence and strive to give you certainty during uncertain times. At Arabella Retirement Living, our commitment to your loved ones will never decline –– that’s a certainty! On January 24, InQuinte reported no new positive COVID-19 cases in our County for the second day in a row, and we are lucky enough to be located in Belleville, Ontario, an area with a constant, extremely low case count. In our retirement community, our safety measures go above and beyond Provincial Guidelines and include:

  • Strengthening our health expertise
  • Ensuring our PPE supply is sufficient for any situation
  • Reinforcing and maintain proper Sanitation Practices in all aspects of our facility
  • Maintaining stringent social distancing measures
  • Strong communicative measures such as regular guidance and briefings at meetings, training on good respiratory hygiene in our building and transparent communication on social media
  • Listening to our residents and their families
  • Ensuring our Front Line staff have the support they need

About Our Facility

We are dedicated to making your life as easy and as stress free as possible. One of our goals was to create an atmosphere that promotes independence and comfort, where friendships can flourish. Our facility is designed around a residence-focused concept with all amenities meant to promote a stress-free way of life. The City of Belleville also offers our residents the opportunity to visit beautiful parks and many recreational facilities which is a great, safe option for physical activity and adventure during these uncertain times. Our city also has many designated green spaces and dedicated landscape gardens to help you enjoy the beautiful nature views. Plus there are many comforts and attractions within the city including unique shops, and quaint restaurants accessible when Covid restrictions aren’t in place.

If all of the above sounds great to you, then it is a right time to make the switch to Retirement Living. You don’t have to worry about the current uncertainty of the world because when you make the switch the a community like Arabella, your can rest easy that our dedication to your safety and quality of life is a certainty.

Get in touch to learn more about making the transition.

We are here for you.